My first rag rug

I had big plans for making one of these when I was pregnant. I bought the 20mm hook (a nice hook, no?) but I didn’t quite get so far as making one. I looked at lots of pictures of them on Pinterest, which turns out to be a pretty important part of the process in going from thinking to doing. No, seriously, it is!photoragrug1 So I’m pretty happy with my first attempt which was pretty quick to start and finish – I completed this one a couple of weekends ago. That never happens with me; they always take aaaages.  As a side note, I’ve done a few craft projects lately which have turned out quite well most likely because I had no idea what I was doing until I started, and as the doing part itself is repetitive, it offers plenty of time for meditating. I may write write more about this another time.


So, somewhere in between the baby rearing and not having slept more than 3 hours at a stretch for the better part of 6 months, I’ve found there’s time to make things like this. I think this making stuff thing has made the experience of raising a newborn all the more satisfying. And the urge to keep hands busy all the more intensified.


Above, the finished product. The rug really took flight after seeing this post by Creative Jewish Mom. However, I might as well confess it’s not really upcycled from old linen/bedsheets. I got some cotton upholstery fabric at Spotlight’s clearance sale for pretty cheap, and made strips of ‘yarn’ with that. The outer rings are calico. It measures about 110cm in diameter. Basically it’s just working into the round, and although it chewed through a lot of fabric (probably close to 10 metres of fabric made into possibly over a kilometre of yarn) it didn’t really take that long to make. I worked on it for a few evenings and a rainy Saturday in pyjamas, so probably about 6-8 hours tops.

This one is a christmas present, and as it sits on our living room floor I’ve come to really like it. It goes nice with our carpet.

photo 1

What I’m making: Beci Orpin’s pegboard coat racks

I am very much in love with Beci Orpin‘s book, Find and Keep. Mum is holding a copy of her second book, Home, for me for Christmas and it’s probably best that I wait to see it so I don’t get any more distracted and tempted to make other things! (Like the 2 other pieces of work in progress also in this photo below…)


I’m handmaking all of my presents for family this year and loving it! Anyhow, I’ve taken the above leaf from her book and and I’m making these for my nieces, and of course for Adnan. This is a really easy project to do and I reckon it looks pretty cool.

The following are the works in progress; I’ll post some pretty pictures of the finished products in a few days when I finish up the racks and borders. Apols for the crappy instagram photos, the quality is not so great once they’re uploaded here.

photo 2 photo-1 photo 1


Heidi’s cotton baby blanket

When I found out my dear childhood friend Dee was having a baby, I wanted to make something a bit special. I guess having your own bub will do that to you! Not that I had ever attempted anything like this before. But why not!

She lives in Darwin, so a thick wooly blanket was not going to be practical. I found a nice cotton/viscose blend and decided to play around with making a lighter, airy kind of blanket by using stitches that would let the blanket breathe. For anyone who’s reading and cares, it’s basically double chains held in some kind of tension with trebles. I started off with random sets of the bands at fixed width, then at some point I called a half way mark and mirrored it back to get the pattern.

And it worked! Here’s some pics of the blanket in progress. I finished with a simple border, and put a tassel on the corner where all the threads met up. I figure that’s ok, because babies love to eat tassels.





And below the final product, after blocking. I realise now that I took terrible presentation photos. I’ve since learned a little about that by looking at a lot more crochet-porn/blogs etc, but improvements will have to wait for another blanket. This one is now with its little owner :)


I can’t actually remember when I started this. Wait – yes, indeed it was after I had Adnan. I remember at the time thinking, it would be fine because I had 6 weeks until Dee’s baby would be born. I guess I had a 6 week old at the time. So no surprise I don’t remember. Anyhow, it took a long time, because newborns turn life into a big giant blur, for months on end. I guess that makes completing this one all the more special. I carried it around with me, and in case I could work on it for 10 minutes here and there… and that’s how I made it, over about 3 1/2 months.


A laterpost: Adnan’s beanie

I made this one back in late May, when very pregnant, and with no idea what I was doing. I was pretty happy with how it turned out! I did it in one evening. Things really ramped up on the novice crochet front from that point onwards. It’s made with Paton’s 4ply Fantasia acrylic, and didn’t really use much at all. I didn’t use a pattern either; I just made the whole thing up. Actually no, that’s a lie. I looked up basic instructions on how to make an adult beanie, but I was using 4 ply, a smaller hook and so it kind of worked in smaller proportions. I made it up after half a dozen rows.

It was a tad big at birth, but that was ok because he had plenty of teeny beanies, a head full of hair and not much need for them. Anyhow, after a few fake Melbourne Springs, the weather switched back to winter of darkness a few weeks ago so I pulled out this one – and well hey hey! Looking pretty cute there, son!

Adnan-beanie Adnan-beanie2


Laterpost of a work in progress: Adnan’s baby blanket

I started this maybe 10 days before Adnan was born. It was so soothing to keep my hands busy as I pretty much alternated between baking and crocheting in those last weeks. I remember being grateful that I could do that, and that I had something to do that kept me from losing my shit with that prenatal insomnia.

My life is full of unfinished projects, and this is one of them. I reckon I will finish it in Winter 2014. It’s going to be the perfect size for the cot. Just some progress photos for now. Note the gap between the huge belly – I was working on this the night I went into labour – and the size of little one when I resumed working on it!

Made from 100% wool using a 5mm hook. I like the daggy retro colours. It doesn’t look very 2013 at all – or does it?!

blanket-1 blanket-2 blanket-3 blanket-4 blanket-5 blanket-6